Johnny’s had us back. Once again, the folks there were very nice to us. The place was packed early. Generally, we will start to a good crowd and more people will trickle in as time continues. However, this time, the place was jam packed from the beginning.

We opened with our Pink Floyd set. DAMN! The set lasted almost two hours! That’s alotta Floyd. Nevertheless, it went over gangbusters with people clamoring for more. My bandmates and I were exhausted… and we still had another set to play.

Halfway through the second set, my right arm started to go numb. At the time I was surprised, but looking back, I was in my fourth hour of the gig and around the third hour of playing. That would also explain why I kept shifting my weight from foot to foot. I wear sneakers live for this gig, but even their soft cushion was starting to wear down. Needless to say, I was drained by the time we finished.

It’s a wonderful thing to enjoy what you do for a living. It is also a testament to the people I play with and the material we play that I did not notice the time until the entire evening was complete.

Here are some photos from the marathon:

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“Do you really need three basses?” was the question for the evening. Yep. The fretted five string I my main instrument for the night. The fretless is necessary for Hey You and On The Turning Away. I like the sound of the hollowbody on Another Brick In The Wall and Money. So… I could get away with two, but it is my job to ensure I bring the best possible sound I can to each gig, so if it means bringing one more piece of equipment, I’ll make it happen.