Gig Review: September 12, 2009

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Sue’s Sunset House in Peekskill was an interesting joint to play. After the first set, we went outside to view fireworks for the Celebrate Peekskill Festival. Music and a display of explosives? Excellent!

The owner was good enough to provide us with food and beverage. A barbeque was set up in the back, in their outdoor patio area. Hot dog, burgers, potato salad, pulled pork, sausage and all the trimmings were available. The pulled pork was a big hit with John Packes. Mr. Ricky Blues himself really enjoyed the sausage and peppers.

It was very good, but very different to have Rick Donato back on the drums. Every musician has his own particular vibe, peccadilloes, and/or musical quirks. It can stem from the way he comes out a solo, how he plays under another person’s solo, where the fills fall, the type of improvisation taken, where it is taken, etc… Not having played an entire gig with Rick, it was like picking up a favorite book. I know where the story goes and approximately where the important elements fall, but the space in between seems old and new at the same time.

Here are some pictures from the show:

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Gig Review: August 15, 2009

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Here are some photos from the benefit show we did at Mediterranean Taverna. The benefit was in memory of Rochelle Gambino. I am told that funds were being raised for a scholarship in her name and a bench at a local park.

You may notice that I have a plethora of basses. These were used on multiple songs within the set, so I had a great deal of fun switching between straps and instruments. Aside from my usually five-string fretted bass, I also have a fretless and a hollowbody. Each has a distinct sound which added for a different texture on certain songs.

That’s the funny thing about covering songs. You want to present an accurate recreation, but you don’t necessarily want a carbon copy. While you may use a fretless because so-and-so used a fretless, you don’t have to take it to the extreme of using the same model instrument and amplifier. Oh well…

Also included are some art shots. Fun, fun.

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