Last night, I was rehearsing with Sick Logic. We were putting the final touches on songs for our next show. Since we only had two hours booked, time is of the essence. We called out song after song in an effort to get ourselves more familiar with new material.

Among the new songs we’ve added is “I’m Eighteen” by Alice Cooper. As we’re getting into the second verse, the door opens and a few guys check us out. We think nothing of it since they have smiles on their faces and they’re bopping along. We think, “Cool, they like us.” After we’re done, they come back in and introduce themselves. Turns out, one of them is Dennis Dunaway, Alice Cooper’s bassist! He was in the studio recording his new project 5th Avenue Vampries.

Dennis is a very nice guy. He chatted with Joe, Guy, and I about opening for Black Sabbath, opening for Ike and Tina Turner, and seeing Yes in the early days. He even let me play the bass he used to record “School’s Out“, a very nice Fender Jazz.

The other fellow in the picture below is Richie Scarlet, bass player from Mountain, guitarist alongside Ace Frehley, and other assorted projects. Also a very cool guy.

Dennis, Elmer, Richie