Every bar has that guy. You know the one. He’s had  a few too many. He’s enjoying himself a little too much. He’s singing a little louder than everyone else. His inhibitions are all but obliterated. Oh yeah, he’s that guy.

I have nothing against that guy. Sure, he’s had a little too much to drink, and he’s cutting a little too loose, but he’s not hurting anyone, so I really don’t care. I can even find that guy to be amusing. You can get him to do things that no sober person would ever do. If there is nothing interesting on the television, you need to amuse yourself in some form or another. Why not dare that guy to chat up some ladies.

However, when I’m playing, and that guy is calling out requests, grabbing the microphone and imploring you to play his favorite song, I really want to smack the crap out of that guy. A big downside to that guy, is that he cannot take a hint. When I jokingly say, “Security, could you please help this gentleman out,” and there is no security in the bar, I’m obviously joking, and that guy gets testy about my comments… we’ll just say that it does not engender good feelings between that guy and myself.

Thankfully, that guy did not arrive until midway through our final set. An entire evening of that guy would have been too much for me to cope with, and an altercation would probably have ensued.

Other than that guy, I think that this was Sick Logic’s best gig to date. The new material went over very well, we sounded very balanced and comfortable with all our songs, and there we no mishaps or problems. Though Mr. Viggs is a very tight room, we were able to move about comfortably.

There are no pictures of that guy in this set, so as to protect the guilty.

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