Another New Year’s Eve, another New Year’s Eve show.

Last year, my girlfriend and I went to Blue Man Group for New Year’s Eve at the Astor Place Theatre. I would highly recommend the show to anyone regardless of time of year, but NYE was especially nice. While many places gouge you on ticket prices because of the date, BMG only charged a few more dollars for the later show which went right up until midnight. At that point, they handed out complimentary champagne, sang Auld Lang Syne, and closed out the show. It was a wonderful way to ring in the year.

This year, we took in a show we had seen before, Soldedad Barrio and Noche Flamenca. Once again, they put on a marvelous performance. The Lucille Lortel Theatre is located on Christopher Street and is a very comfortable sized room for this show. Granted, we were in the center in the second row. We would feel each step as the vibration ran up our legs.

When one dancer spun, and the sweat flew from his head and hair, my girlfriend whispered to me, “So that’s why you chose the second row.” Not that any sweat hit anyone in the first row, but I did not want to be the exception.

The show was wonderful. If you know nothing about flamenco or dance, it does not matter. Just go. It’s a wonderful experience.

The costumes were different for this show as the first piece in particular was dedicated to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. The cuts of the men’s suits was three piece traditional. The women’s outfits were not as colorful as the last performance, more like funeral garb.

More than last show, solos from each dancer were featured. Instead of solos within group pieces, three of the principal dancers would dance solo with at least one cantor and guitarist. When viewing a solo apart from a group piece, I got a better feel for each dancers’ style, their preferences in rhythm, how they utilized pauses and silences, and what they enjoy doing while in the spotlight (whether it be claps, jumps, spins, or flourishes of the arms).

Again, if you have the chance, try to see them when they come around. After a second show I can safely say that my good experience was not an aberration.

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