I wonder how many fusion fans are not musicians. It’s very rare that I’ll get into a non-musicians car and hear Return to Forever. Nevertheless, even non-fusion fans can appreciate the sheer virtuosity of certain groups and musicians.

Béla Fleck and the Flecktones are described as a cross between bluegrass and funk. Each of the musicians have been lauded in numerous circles for their innovative playing and composing.

This particular show was at the Tiles Center on the Long Island University campus. It’s a big ass concert hall, around the size of Alice Tully. I was in the fourth row so I could see all the little twists and turns that each musician made throughout the show. They are currently touring with their original lineup: banjo, bass, drumitar, piano, and harmonica. (Last time I saw them it was sax and clarinet instead of keys and harmonica.)

What the hell is a drumitar? Read for yourself.

The song of the night was undoubtedly Sinister Minister.

Definitely check out the Flecktones if you can. Even if you never purchase an album, see the live at least once. It’s a wonderful show.

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