Last night’s gig at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn was hot. I’m not referring to the set itself (though that was good), but the temperature on the stage. I mean that it was literally hot on stage. Really hot. DAMN HOT! I recommend that any band there play in t-shirts and shorts. I, of course, was in a long sleeve shirt and jeans. Bad idea, Elmer.

Here are some pictures:

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Our first foray into Brooklyn (as a band) was a success. We got some nice reviews after the show and I was especially happy to hear that my backup singing did not suck. Singing in a falsetto is not something I do especially often, so I was glad to hear that I pulled it off.

The band on before us was Money/Paper/Hearts. I caught their last four songs and really liked what I heard. Though their myspace page has a few songs, I don’t think that it captured the raw sound they have on stage. That is not to say that their recordings are bad, just different. Live, I would describe them as a cross between the Sex Pistols and Weezer. Their recording sounds like a cross between The Cars and Green Day.

After the show, I was chatting with the bassist for Grande. Nice guy. Check out the band. Not bad.